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UNV is a global provider of AIoT products and solutions. Through unlimited exploration, UNV has evolved from video technology to AIoT, expanding its product line to include display and control product line. From the release of the first industrial CCTV display in 2012 to the gathering of five series of monitor, LCD wall, led wall, controller and interactive display, UNV has gone through the road of technological accumulation for 10 years, and eight years of overseas market development has also made our products spread all over the world.
UNV display products

UNV has highly reliable and functional display products: LCD walls with narrow seam, wider viewing angle, anti-glare and anti-blue light screen; Pixel-level LED walls with extreme color presentation; CCTV monitors with different size and resolution; Controllers with flexible input and output channels and up to 4K output;

Interactive display with excellent audio-visual presentation and mobile-level UI

UNV will continue to adhere to the high-quality development route and bring better display experience to all our customers all over the world.

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Unlimited New View
UNV, consider ourselves as a citizen of the world, endeavors to build a safer world based on professionalism and reliability, move forward with fortitude, so as to achieve innovation, prosperity and continuous progress.
Innovative & Pragmatic, Collaborative & Win-win, Simple & Equal, To Continuously Improve
Social Responsibility

UNV has a strong awareness of protecting the environment.

UNV is certified ISO14000 and RoHS. We insists of being eco-friendly during production and working.

UNV also care about people and the society. We think that we have the social responsibility to help others. UNV has volunteer teams which held many charitable activities to help the vulnerable groups.

What determines an enterprise's vitality?

UNV thinks it has to be innovation ability. And UNV has planted innovation spirit deep into its soul.

UNV always think ahead. To create product that's tough enough to conquer every unfavorable environments, sensible enough to adapt to complicated light and network conditions, we pioneered innovative technologies in products research and development.

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