Impart knowledge in style
Industry Requirement
Simplification of classroom environment
It is necessary to completely solve the pain points such as massive classroom equipment, messy wiring and dust hazards, and simplify the classroom environment.
Improvement of interactive experience
Strengthen the display effect, and combine superior educational resources to enhance teacher-student interaction and teaching results.
New challenges of hybrid education mode
The hybrid education mode of online and offline courses puts forward higher requirements for students' participation and learning effectiveness.
What UNV Offers
In today's society, education departments in many countries have decided to intelligentize and digitize classrooms to meet the growing demand for teaching.
New era of teacher-student interaction
The InstaHub series has extraordinary audio-visual performance, and is compatible with various educational software resources. It also allows combination of online and offline teaching, leading a new era of teacher-student interaction.
Touching the future
The touchscreen makes it fluent to write, modify and save. Let the learning and collaborating more engaging and productive. Besides, InstaHub series provides 3 sizes for different classroom spaces: 65/75/86 inches.
Bringing classroom space back to simplicity
The InstaHub series of smart interactive displays released by UNV will replace projectors, blackboards, speakers, computers and other equipment in classrooms, bringing classroom space back to simplicity.
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