Help each product to be seen
Industry Requirement
Good commodities deserve more attention
There are various products in the market. Really excellent products need publicity space to let customers know and provide opportunities to meet.
Brand exposure frequency has a great impact on customer repurchase rate
Every excellent company has its brand style and life philosophy to convey, so as to find its audience.
Consumers need easy access to important information of shopping malls
It is also an important responsibility of the mall to convey key promotional information and inform safety instructions and emergencies.
What UNV Offers
In shopping malls, all good things need to be seen and all key messages need to be conveyed. UNV offers colorful LED and LCD solutions for different specific scenarios.
Commercial grade display for vivid content
On the shop exhibition wall: 0.88mm LCD wall displays the new arrivals and products on sale.
Convey your brand story
At exterior wall of the mall or checkout counters: UNV LED fine pixel helps display the star product and convey your brand story.
In the inner corridor of the shopping mall: LED 0.9mm pixel pitch allows the audience get safety information and emergency notice at the first time.
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