Build an effective collaboration space
Industry Requirement
Remove communication barriers
Interaction is happening all the time. The smooth interaction determines the improvement of work efficiency.
Improve corporate image
Companies need a window to show excellent corporate culture and excellent product strength.
Motivate employees
Driving employees to work spontaneously is a key work that affects the efficiency of enterprises.
What UNV Offers
UNV hopes to maximize work efficiency and greatly enhance the confidence of corporate culture through the perfect presentation of display equipment.
Help you share ideas and inspire creations
For small/medium size meeting room: InstaHub smart interactive display allows you to share your ideas and inspire creations.
Convey brand image, boost business growth.
At corporate entrance: LED 0.9mm pixel pitch help convey your brand image and company philosophy.
At business department public area: 0.88mm LCD wall present business objectives and achievements, publicize new products and boost business growth.
Perfect presentation of every detail
In large size meeting room: LCD wall/fine pixel LED achieves perfect presentation of every detail.
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